We Have Created Impact Calculator Tools to Hold Ourselves Accountable

Along with the sustainability research, our research team is collecting primary research on human needs.

Recently, we’ve nailed down the specifics of a tool that we can use to balance these briefs to make sure every decision within Grain is equally aimed at the needs of people and the natural world.

Even more exciting are our impact scoring systems which we use internally to regulate our decision making. We’ve dived deep into asking ourselves difficult questions: what does it mean to be sustainable? What should we measure? How should we measure? What are our targets? Are we meeting them? What can we do to be more sustainable? 

We’ve just finalised some questionnaires and rating tools so that now, every brief and decision we make will meet our high standards. We’re so excited to put these new systems to use. And to keep ourselves pushing for a better tomorrow, we’ll regularly review our targets and metrics so we’re always pushing in the right directions.


  • Start Date: October 2020
  • End Date: February 2021