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Highbeach Dining

Our beloved Highbeach dining table has been designed for simplicity, and to have the timeless feel of a classic piece of furniture. Always made from sustainably sourced solid oak, we use subtle shaping and angles to add a touch of class. It’s a true representation of the solidity of its source material, ready for everything life has to throw at it, and will never look out of place. A simple choice of light natural oak, or dark and sumptuous rich oak finishes are available. Always your choice of length and width, with an enduringly standard height of 75cm.

Brenin Dining

Elegant and sleek, our Brenin range has been designed to fit any well-considered space. Choose from a selection of beautiful Linoleum coloured tops, made from pressed linseed oil with colourfully pigmented wood powder, or go for the classic look of oak veneer. All our choices are very hardwearing and stainproof, as well as being warm to the touch, and can be easily maintained. We make our dining table at the widespread standard height of 75cm.

Highbeach Extending Table

We believe function should never get in the way of style, so we designed the Highbeach extending table to look as slender and subtle as its non-extending counterpart, whether closed or extended for those extra guests. When called upon, this table will rise to the challenge and give you an extra 50cm length, enough to seat 2-4 more people. It was designed with simplicity and a timeless feel, and hewn from solid oak, but with the functionality every modern home needs. Note that the length you order and see on the customiser is the closed length, and (as with all grain’s dining tables), set at 75cm high.

Brenin Desk

Working those long hours at the home, or in the office, will always be made more amenable when you’re sat at a beautiful, elegant desk. The Brenin desk has been designed not just to look amazing (and entice you to sit at it), but to feel amazing too. Our finishes, especially the Lino, are soft and warm to the touch, whilst being incredibly hard wearing. We’ve considered every aspect of how you spend your time there, so we’ve made two cable cutaways at the back on either end to help keep things organised, and designed it at 75cm height to work with pretty much any chair.

Brenin Coffee

Minimal elegance. That’s the grain brief for coffee tables, the centrepiece of the living space. They’re of vital importance functionally, but with a need not to dominate the space and make a room seem cluttered and small. Our Brenin coffee table can handle every magazine and coffee cup without breaking a sweat, it also happens to look pretty damn good too. At 45cm, it’s a great height for providing all the function you need whilst keeping the room looking spacious and fitting in with any style. Choose your perfect size and coloured linoleum or oak veneer top.

Highbeach Bench

The perfect complement to our Highbeach dining or Extending tables, or a standalone statement, our Highbeach bench is the one you’re after. Designed to be strong and functional, there’s no doubting it’s subtle beauty, and we’ve plumped for the most comfortable seat height of 45cm, and depth of 32cm. If you’re ordering it to match with your table, but want it to slide seamlessly away underneath (between the legs) go for 30cm shorter than the table length. When it’s not in use, having it live under the table will save you space, without compromising on aesthetics.

Brenin Bench

A bench shouldn’t be sturdiness instead of style, we insist you have both. Our Brenin bench has been designed to work visually and structurally at any length. 45cm seat height provides optimum comfort. If you’re buying it to accompany a Brenin dining table, order the bench 40cm shorter than the dining and it will then completely recess between the table legs when it’s not in use. And why not mix it up? Choose a different colour bench top from your table- our whole lino range complements each other beautifully so get creative and make your space your own.


Choose between our coaster set of our seven Lino finishes in an Oak veneer tray, or a two-sided solid Oak sample disc. Then again, why not order both?

These will give you a chance to see our finishes up close, so you can test them for colour matching, or if you like for wine-stains and wear. They also happen to make great looking coasters.

If you go on to order a piece of furniture, we refund you the value of these swatches as a discount code to redeem against the purchase with us.