FaQs. General Information

Where are Grain products made?

Currently, all our products are made at our Kentish Town workshop in Central London. We work closely with local makers, specialists in their field, to achieve the best quality products for our customers.

Can I visit Grain?

Sure! We would love to see you. Just give us a call, or drop us a message at chatter@grain.co.uk. We are open Monday-Friday 8am-8pm.

Does Grain have stores?

As yet we don’t have any stores and only sell online. However, we will have regular open days at our workshop and if you fancy a visit email chatter@grain.co.uk and we’ll organise a sneak peak and a coffee for you.

Are you hiring?

We are always pushing to grow and innovate, trying our very best to always nurture our staff. If you have something to offer, we’d love to hear from you. Please email chatter@grain.co.uk

Do you do bespoke furniture?

We’re not bespoke, we’re customised. We design our own range of furniture that can be customised by you. Developed and tested in house at every step of the way by our highly talented team.

What do I need for assembly?

A standard 4mm Allen key and a smile (sorry, bit cheesy). But to make sure you’re happy with your purchase or if you have any questions when you receive your product, one of our team will be available to chat on the phone, text or facetime as soon as your order has been delivered.

How do I clean my dining table?

Every product is made to last and is easy to clean. Simply wipe away any spills straight away or use a neutral pH soap, and a damp cloth or sponge. Just make sure you dry the surface well afterwards.

I damaged my product, what should I do?

Oops, these things happen and we are very understanding. Give us a call and we will try our best to help you.

Can I get free samples?

We know how important samples can be, so we offer them at a cost of £10 which you can then redeem against your next purchase. Our samples then double up as functional and stylish drinks coasters because we don’t believe in single-use products or unnecessary waste.

Is Grain’s packaging recyclable?

Yes, we only send products packaged in 100% recyclable packaging.

Will you release any new products?

Yes, we have a dedicated team who are always working to develop new products. What we don’t do is; fast-fashion, obsolete furniture that’s churned out at a fast pace. We do it right and promise every new product is well worth the wait! If you are looking for something in particular, drop us a message chatter@grain.co.uk and we shall see how we can help you!

Can the furniture be dismantled after it has been assembled?

Yes, one of the great benefits of our sustainable flatpack furniture is that is can be easily taken down and put back together very easily and quickly, as many times as you’d like!

Who designs Grain furniture?

We do, all of our products are designed in house, our talented design team have full control over the design process. This is to ensure we can always stay true to our values, to nurture both people and planet. Our designers work closely with our customers too, so if you’d like to play a part in our design process, we’d love to hear from you!

Can I modify my order?

Yes! If it’s within 2 weeks of placing your order, just give us a call, and we can modify it for you.

Does Grain furniture come with a guarantee?

You will have 30 days to receive a full refund if for some reason you’re not totally head over heals with your Grain furniture. Beyond that, we’re a friendly bunch and really care about how long your furniture lasts, so just call us if you’ve damaged it or if anything has gone wrong with it out of your control and we’ll do everything we can to fix it.

How is Grain furniture delivered?

Your order will arrive via one of our selected delivery partners, in 100% recyclable packaging (no plastic!). Full tracking, day selection and immediate delivery aftercare (face-time, or chat to the team) is available on every order. 

What do I do if my furniture arrives damaged?

Oh, this is sad, but don’t worry! If a product has been damaged in transit then give us a call. We will work out the best way to have your product back all squeaky clean. *We may ask for a photograph of the damage.

Is there a self pick-up option?

Yes! In fact, if you are London based we encourage it, as reducing our packaging waste is a no.1 priority! You can pick up your products from our Kentish Town workshop. When we call up to book in your delivery, we can let you know of available pick-up times and redeem any pre-paid delivery costs.

How long does delivery take?

Once your product, is packaged up and ready to go you will receive a call to book in your delivery slot. Depending on where you live the delivery time can vary. UK deliveries usually get picked up the day before your designated delivery date and arrive the next day, just when you wanted it. Oversea’s delivery can take a little longer. If you wish to talk to a team member about a delivery, feel free to call.

How will I know when my order is on the way?

Our delivery partners will notify you to let you know they are on their way with tracking information. If we can help further at all please give us a call.

How much does shipping cost?

Our shipping costs are worked out at checkout, they take into account many factors based on size, weight and location. We aim to keep our delivery prices to a minimum but want to ensure we deliver a great service and reduce carbon emissions where we can. 

How do you reduce carbon emissions, in shipping?

We may ask customers if they mind receiving their orders early, if it looks like we can fit them with over deliveries heading to a nearby location. Our sustainable flatpack lets us fill a single van with more furniture then conventual furniture manufactures can, resulting in fewer trips and fewer emissions. We are always working on reducing our carbon footprint

How do I customise?

Simply click on the product you like on our website and our configurator will open. The freedom is there for you to adjust the dimensions and finish of a product, on a live simulation before your eyes. It’s so easy and simple! Then just add your product to basket!

Can I adjust every dimension to a cm?

Every piece of furniture is different. We allow customers to customise only the relevant dimensions of a product. Strategic restrictions are set in place to avoid anything going wrong. If you require a further change to dimensions, then give our team a call.

What should I do, to avoid a strange looking custom size?

Don’t worry, we take time to make sure we only allow customers to create beautiful products. We did all the hard work, so you don’t have to. Simply enter your desired dimensions and we’ve done the rest to ensure whatever the outcome, it’ll be beautiful.