Responsible Furniture

Creating the antiques of the future

What do we love about antiques?

From their low environmental cost to the stories they hold from times gone by, it’s no wonder that more and more shoppers are opting to fill their homes with antique furniture.

And how could they be better?

Designed with the needs of a bygone era in mind, these pieces are often difficult to move and take apart, are not designed for modern homes and if something breaks, there’s no customer service line to call. 

Creating antiques of the future

Designing for disassembly means our range is easy to move from home and simple to repair. 

Making furniture only when it’s ordered means we know exactly which customer each piece belongs to from the first cut. Every item had its own story to tell.  

We’re offering a new route for customers who want to make the right choice for the planet, bringing the end of fast furniture ever closer.