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The Size Guide

The Size Guide
By Tom Allen 1 years ago 5631 Views

Welcome to our handy size guide. In here we've shown you a few examples to help make that perfectly sized decision a little bit easier.

Let’s start with the basics - based on our research the ideal place setting is on average 54cm x 36cm, this allows ample arm room and a comfortable space to eat. In the example below, the table settings on the left are on an industry average dining table size for 4-6 people (across the 15 retailers we researched). On the right you can see the same number of place settings on a custom-sized table that one of our Seed customers has in their kitchen.

As you can see, by reducing the table 10cm in length and 15cm in width you can still seat the same number of people in both layouts, but you gain a total of 150 square centimeters around the table - which can be the difference between shuffling past and walking freely. These small changes can make all the difference in your home.

If you want to know more about how maximising floor space can transform your room you should read our space conscious blog.

We know this may not be something you’re used to so we’ve put together some table size examples and ideas below.