How we make, and where we make it.

This is our workshop, our beloved railway arch nestled between Kentish Town and Camden, in North London. We’re proud that everything you order is handmade right here, by us. Our goal has always been to have a highly efficient workflow, so we can handle lots of orders at the same time, whilst always maintaining high standards of craftsmanship. It is the specifics of how we work that enables the creation of custom furniture at high street prices. 

Kentish Town Workshop

Our Workshop Kentish Town

It’s taken a while to get to this point, and though we’re still a young (and learning) business, we’re really happy with what we can do in this place. So let us take you behind the scenes and show you exactly what goes on.

Once your order comes through, and your chosen material has arrived from our local suppliers, we start with the panel clamps, joining together raw timber to make sheets. This means a large number of pieces that make up a single item of furniture can be cut in one go. A huge time saver for us. Whilst the glue’s setting over on one side of the workshop, on the other side we’re preparing the personal blueprints for your chosen design, using computer software, ready to feed to our machine.

Clamping Oak Panels

V Carve Setup for CNC

Cutting then takes place on our CNC router, using a variety of shapes of tool head to achieve the desired angles and sizes. This machine is arguably the biggest time saver in our process, with all the raw components that make up a piece of Grain furniture cut to sub-millimetre accuracy in a matter of minutes, whilst enabling quick adjustments to each design so we can match your specific requirements.

CNC Machine Oak Prep

CNC Machine Furniture

Once cut, we start hand making your piece so it’s back to the clamps again. Some parts need to be glued and joined together to form larger pieces (this is often done to reduce the amount of waste material that cutting unusual shapes would create). We then sand (a lot!) to shape and finish your order with a unique touch, so each piece fits together beautifully and feels beautifully smooth.

Clamping Woburn Desk Legs

Sanding Furniture

Once we’ve tested the rigidity and structure of your piece, we then apply the finish. Regardless of wood choice or chosen design we’ve tested each and every finish in the real world to ensure your furniture can handle everything life throws at it.

We even have a little pop up photo studio in the corner of our arch that we use to get a few snaps of our work, before we pack it up and send it out to you. 

Producing wooden furniture inevitably means creating offcuts. We’ve worked hard to find a way to give these pieces a life, and so we make lovely desk organisers and chopping boards with pieces that many manufacturers would simply discard. Read more about how we make responsibly here.

Remember we have regular open days at the workshop, so just get in touch, pop down for a coffee and we’ll show you the space, you’re always welcome.

Highbeach Dining Set

Oak Chopping Board