What do we do?

We make free-standing, made to measure furniture that you can customise yourself on our website. That means being able to buy it in an exact size, choose a wood or colour to suit your style and budget, and get a contemporary design delivered to your door that will always keep your place looking spacious.

Quality is paramount- we believe furniture needs to last a long time, and using cheap materials means you’ll just buy it twice. We make our products out of proper wood, by hand, ourselves here in our London workshop. Furniture made for real people, by real people, and it’s not as expensive as you think, with the latest technology making our processes surprisingly efficient and environmentally friendly.

Why we do it

‘Space consciousness’... what we mean by this is that furniture will define an interior, with the power to make it feel spacious or cramped. Correct sizing and design are crucial, especially with smaller homes and unusual conversions.

So we’re making it super easy to buy a made to measure piece that’ll work wherever you’re using it, putting an end to the compromise most people face when buying.

On a simpler level, we just love making furniture, having brought manufacturing back to its simplest form, (no international supply chains, warehouses, or showroom staff) and living by our company values, something that will always be reflected in the unique piece you get. 


Grain were founded in 2016 with a mission to change things around in the furniture market, reconnecting customers with the people making their furniture using 21st century tools. Currently a small business (but with big ideas), we are seeking to bridge the gap between the big furniture brands and the small bespoke carpenters.

Robin Tyler and Tom Allen are the co-founders and full time worker drones at Grain. A company ethos of honesty and friendliness at all times binds them together. A bit more about them can be found here.