End of an Era – Farewell Unto This Last

We were saddened to hear our fellow furniture makers Unto This Last have had to close up shop. The last 12 months have been a rough ride for the UK furniture industry and a number of celebrated brands have struggled to survive.

The company has been a leader in our corner of the industry since 2000, helping to pioneer digital furniture manufacturing for customers directly, where “local is logical”.

We’d like to thank Olivier Geoffroy and his team for their contribution to the UK furniture design and manufacturing industry – your impact, work and ideas will live on.

It comes as no surprise that many of Unto This Last’s customers are keen to find a London-based alternative for this much-loved brand. With a number of customers already reaching out we thought we would wave our hand and say we can help…

How Grain Can Help

Our Brenin Table Range, Birnam Stool and Avon Shelving are the closest in design to Unto This Last’s popular Angle Table, Angle Stool and their Hanging and Wall Shelving. We use similar materials, have a robust manufacturing process and we hope to support customers looking to match these designs. 

Traditionally we don’t offer the same colour range as Unto This Last, as a one off, we’ll make it possible to match their colours.

You won’t find these as options on our website, if that’s of interest please reach out to our team using [email protected] to talk through your choices. 

The Grain Journey

Grain also experienced trying times in the summer of 2022. Fortunately for us, Wilder Creative (our main Manufacturing partner) stepped in and took over the brand and has been able to turn the business around since then. We’re now in a strong position to grow. 

With decades of experience, good suppliers and a well established London workshop Wilder have been able to support Grain through this journey. 

Our skilled makers hand-finish every piece, where time and care is taken with every detail; the end result is a quality piece of furniture.

Grain’s Offer to Unto This Last Customers

In a bid to support Unto This Last customers we’re offering the following:

  • Free delivery inside the M25
  • A 4 week lead time on all orders
  • Any Lino Colour – to match Unto This Last product orders

Please do let us know if you have any special requests & enquiries, we want to do what we can to help. Our London workshop welcomes visitors, simply get in touch to arrange a viewing.

We’re available by email using [email protected], by phone on 07354 005995 or simply drop us a message using the form below.

    Our Most Similar Furniture

    Designed by us

    …simple, quality & timeless design.

    We are a design led company with over 20 years experience. To put it simply; design is at the core of everything we do.

    Made by us

    …all in our London workshop.

    Our skilled carpenters take only the highest quality, ethically sourced materials and craft them into furniture that’s built to last.

    Delivered to you

    …made to order.

    Producing only what’s required, only when it’s needed allows us to minimise waste and ensure our high standards are met.