Startup life

Our Growing Team

At the end of the day, a business is really all about the people that are in it. Despite all the structures, projections, revenue numbers and meetings (fun), it really boils down to just this: We are the business. 

The reason we’re doing this is because we want to create something awesome, and so who you’ve got around you becomes incredibly important. You want people you can rely on, people who you enjoy working with, people who will challenge your ideas and help us grow. 

We recently welcomed Chris to the fold. A budding furniture maker who’s working on his own projects part-time, Chris is a calming influence in our bustling workshop. He operates our machinery, cutting out custom sized furniture by day, and sanding and lacquering it by night (just kidding, he does that during the day too). If you’ve got one of our products, the chances are it was Chris’ steady hand that carefully crafted the finish. We must be doing something right, as he even claims to enjoy working here… 

He’s here to assist with our growing order book, and his precision and dedication are invaluable, helping to free up time for other people to do vital work elsewhere in the business- new designs, improved manufacturing processes, and of course tackling the daily mountain of admin. Welcome Chris.

This is Mark Dale, a man who has been very important to Grain over the past few years. (Mark have we every actually told you that?!) We’ve recently started working with Mark and his business, although in another guise a few years ago, he actually taught me on an introduction course in CNC machining with birch plywood! In more recent times, he’s been the go-to guy we’ve called whenever some especially gnarly technical problem has reared it’s unwelcome head.

He can now be found operating his own CNC manufacturing facility, MADA workshop in Harlow, Essex, producing high quality parts for us to our specifications. As with Chris (see the above gentleman), a growing order book triggered us to initiate this relationship, because by using trusted makers we can continue to grow our capacity and keep up with demand, and bring ever more sustainable flatpack furniture to the people. 

For those of you following our progress, you’ll know what a big step this is for our humble business, and suffice to say we’re rather excited about the potential in our growing team. 

I promise to keep you updated with more about our young business soon!