Responsible Furniture

Pay a Fair Price

At Grain, we focus on creating products that will span multiple lifetimes–products that will adapt over time, that are made locally to our customer base, that are designed with people and planet at its core–all things that are in complete contrast to the mainstream fast furniture industry. 

Our approach is new, it’s not easy and it costs us more to do, which of course impacts our pricing.

Our Fair Pricing Structure

We operate a fair pricing structure at Grain, so our prices are reflective of the sustainable and ethical materials, care and craftsmanship that goes into our products. All of our products are made in the UK by our talented makers, so that plays a part in our pricing model too.

Accessibility is a key consideration for us and our long term goal is to be an option for as many people as possible. As we grow, we hope that responsible manufacturing and living become the norm, not just in furniture but across all sectors, making it simple for everyone to make a positive impact. 

We believe and hope that a people & planet first approach to furniture will keep developing and be taken on by more businesses over time. It’s a challenging journey, but we’re confident we’re helping to forge a new path for businesses of the future.