You Measure.

We Make.

You happy.

Since day one at Grain, we’ve focused on the need. Your needs, and those of the world around you too. We’ve distilled this into two core elements that make up every single piece of furniture we design.

This is the DNA that makes us who we are.


Customisable to the centimetre.

We’re making compromise a thing of the past. All our ranges can be easily customised to the centimeter, so when you start the process of choosing your perfect piece of furniture, finding the right size is no longer a problem. Our expertise makes sure they work seamlessly and look great at every size.

Sustainable Flatpack.

Every element of Grain furniture has been designed to be sustainable. And doing flatpack right is a huge part of that.


We’ve designed every product we make to last. All our products are ‘flat packed’ yes, but not as you know it. You can take ours apart (speedily) and put them back together again as many times as you like with no loss of function. Every house move, every redecoration, everything life throws at you, our furniture is ready. Flatpack is efficient and straightforward to transport.


We only produce furniture to your specific requirements, so we never make needlessly. We don’t hold stock, don’t work on a seasonal or trend-based sales cycle, or use up unnecessary storage and transport space. This keeps our waste and footprint to a minimum. On-demand equals resource-friendly.

End of life

When the time comes for a change of style, the life of our furniture doesn’t end with you. We never use any processes or materials that limit the reuse of the base components, so we can repurpose anything we’ve manufactured at any time into something useful. Proper recycling means producing things that are easily recyclable.


How it all started.

September 2015, two friends sitting in a pub talking about furniture and how it should be easier to get exactly what you want. Fast forward to March 2017: Tom & Robin launched Grain. We’ve spent the last two years making a business that is responsible, celebrates the process, is accessible for all, and most importantly makes beautiful, customised furniture.

In 2018 a film crew stopped by our workshop in North London to speak to the founders. They wanted to find out how and why we started Grain and what it’s like working together. As you may be able to tell, it was a rare appearance for us on camera– maybe we’ll write off any future careers in TV. A big thanks to the amazing guys at Clearhead for this one.