Shop our seconds furniture


Since making the responsible decision to offer furniture in a range of sizes as opposed to creating waste through exact dimension requests, we now have a selection of seconds products which cannot be sold through our website. These products have often been returned to us by customers who have simply changed their mind once the product has arrived at their home. 

We are all about keeping our furniture being used for as long as possible, in our homes and far away from landfill. Selling on our seconds products allows us to do exactly that! 

We have a range of seconds products which we would love for your to make a part of your homes, including some of our discontinued products such as our rich oak Highbeach range and Goldfish Lino tops. 

All are at discounted prices based on their condition. See what’s on offer by downloading our seconds stockist.

Click to download the stocklist.

If you have you got any questions about our seconds options or would like to pop in and see them in person, just drop us and email or give us a call.

Tel: 020 3936 9671
E-Mail: [email protected]