Responsible. Local.

All of our wood comes from European, (FSC) certified forests. We only use species that are sustainable. We always buy as locally-made as possible on everything from our tools to the finishes we use. Not only does this make a lot of sense logistically, but it makes things traceable, quicker to arrive, and generally fewer people making their percentage on the goods along the way. All of which means there are zero hang-ups to be had when buying our stuff, and it keeps the price fair. 

Kentish Town Workshop

Making Local Essex Steel

We wanted to create good jobs for people making good furniture, and sell it in a different and exciting way. Would it be easier and cheaper to get stuff made in Asia? Yes. Would it be better (either in quality or for the environment)? No.


The critical thing for environmental impact when introducing new products into the world is not so much being careful with what you use, but in the predicted end of life. How long will it last, and can it be recycled or repurposed? Our products are built to last a very long time, so no more sad looking broken furniture dumped on the streets. Being made from real wood, they will age beautifully, and they’re easily repairable.

Making for life is our core policy on this one. Our designs are contemporary, but we’ve done a considerable amount of research on what makes them last. We think we’ve nailed it, we all know there are styles which come and go, and then things which are always around (think flares… and then think about a classic leather jacket).

Highbeach Rich Oak Table

Birch Plywood Woburn Desk

Our waste

Producing wooden furniture inevitably means creating offcuts. We’ve worked hard to find a way to give these pieces a life, and so we make lovely desk organisers and chopping boards with pieces that many manufacturers would simply discard.

Oak Desk Organiser

Oak Candle Holder

Our end of life policy

If one of our products has reached the end of its life, we’ll take it back off your hands.  You might not know how to repurpose it, but we do. Email us, package it up safely, and we’ll come and pick it up free of charge, and hopefully use that material for something new (within reason that is, if you’ve kept it in a swamp for a decade there’s probably not a lot we can do with it). In return we’ll give you money off your next purchase with us.