We Have Established a Regular Sustainability Workshop

In the autumn of 2020, we established a research team at Grain. One of the first tasks on the team’s agenda was designing and running a regular sustainability research workshop. We’ve debated and tested the format and are now confident that we have a structure which we can trust to support our collaborative efforts. Beginning each session with a set of secondary research, the team uses design thinking techniques to generate lots of ideas in virtually no time.

Every Wednesday, the research team assembles to continue their work, turning information on environmental issues into real ways that Grain can have a positive impact. In time, the body of insights produced in these workshops will form the basis for every brief at Grain. For now, we’re so pleased to have made this huge first step. By putting aside time every week to focus on the needs of the planet, we hope to gain a full understanding of what we can do to help solve the climate emergency.

  • Start Date: January 2021
  • End Date: None