Upgrade Our Packaging

At the moment, our products are flat-packed in recyclable materials. We use a protective honeycomb sheet for large tops, and regular cardboard for smaller parts. It’s a good system, but it’s tricky to reuse the packaging for returns and exchanges.

We’ve enlisted the help of a specialist packaging designer to improve the packaging for all of our products. The goal is to create packaging that seals without any tape or strapping, and can be reused with ease. So far, we’ve put in place new packaging for our Birnam Stool and Nested Side Tables that fit the bill.

Designing packaging for our larger products is proving a slightly more tricky task. We’ve gone through a lot of prototypes in the past couple of months, but we’re getting closer each time. We’re confident that we’ll have a full set of new packaging in place in the next few months.

  • Start Date: September 2021
  • End Date: March 2022 (estimated)