Upgrade Our Packaging

Currently, we package our products in a honeycomb cardboard box structure, reinforced by cardboard edging and held together by plastic straps and tape. It’s already some of the most sustainable packaging in the industry. The cardboard is 100% compostable and recyclable, and we never pad out boxes with polystyrene, or waste ink branding our boxes.

It still has some room for improvement, though. Right now, the strapping and tape we use are non-recyclable. We’re searching for an alternative to this, but it’s tricky finding recyclable strapping and tape that we can trust to protect products. After all, the environmental impact of returning and remaking a table far exceeds the impact of non-recyclable strapping and tape.

The move away from ‘customised to the centimetre’ to incremental sizes will allow us to optimise our material use, as well as lessen our reliance on tape and straps. If we’re only producing a handful of established box sizes, we can fine-tune their production to dramatically reduce cardboard waste, and, if we’re clever, seal them with far less tape, if any!

  • Start Date: January 2021
  • End Date: July 2021 (estimated)