About Highbeach Dining

With the Highbeach Dining table, you can bring a piece of the outdoors into your home. Constructed from FSC certified, sustainably sourced oak, this incredibly durable table is a fantastic way of preserving the remarkable texture, feel and pattern of the material. Just like fingerprints, no two pieces will ever be the same. We think that’s pretty special.

Easy Assembly

Delivery & Returns

Order Process

  1. Once you've placed your order, it'll get sent off to one of our manufacturers.
  2. A few weeks later, our team will have completed production and your furniture will be in final stages of quality control.
  3. Once we’re all fully happy, we arrange for the order to be sent out to you via our delivery partners.
  4. 7-8 weeks after you placed your order, your furniture will be ready to go. It'll be passed to our delivery partners, and make its way to you.
  5. As it arrives our team will be on hand to text, call or even facetime you to ensure everything is perfect with your new piece of Grain furniture.


As all of our furniture is manufactured on-demand, with most of it customised, we only start making once you've ordered. This typically takes 7-8 weeks. Once it's boxed up and a slot arranged with you, we hand it over to our delivery partner who handle tracking and delivery.

A typical order comes in 3 custom recyclable boxes. This will help you move it around, through doors and up staircases, and reduces any risk of damage as well as being friendly on the back.

Remember, as soon as it arrives, one of team will be on hand to text, call or facetime to make sure everything goes smoothly.

You can read more in our FAQ's.


We do everything we can throughout the process to make sure you've got your size and finish spot on, and to ensure the delivery is handled with care. However, if for any reason there’s a fault or some damage, or you don't fall head over heels for your new furniture within 30 days, contact the team and we'll take care of it for you.

Sustainable Flatpack


Everything we design, we design for a purpose. It’s never seasonal, and we don't conform to trends. Our design only focuses on the things that matter.

Every Grain product is designed to meet the needs of people and the planet. That means purposeful, dependable products that are made in a responsible way.


We have to make sure we can we produce stuff responsibly, fairly and keep our waste to a minimum.

It starts with the material. We only use sustainable materials from traceable sources, and we only order it when you order. We only make for a purpose (as with our design rules), if it's not needed we don't make it. The last thing the world needs is more un-needed stuff in it.


Everything we do at Grain is about meeting the needs of people and the natural world.

That's why we make our products flatpack. It means that it's easy to carry in, quick to assemble, and easy to live with. It's why we make all our products purposeful and dependable. And it's why we only produce products that people really need.

start again

No matter how well a product is built, responsible designers consider what happens at the end of its life.

We never use any processes or materials that limit the reuse of the base components, we (or anyone who fancies a project) can re-purpose anything we’ve manufactured at any time into something useful. Proper recycling means producing things that are easily recyclable.