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Highbeach Bench

The perfect complement to our Highbeach dining or Extending tables, or a standalone statement, our Highbeach bench is the one you’re after. Designed to be strong and functional, there’s no doubting it’s subtle beauty, and we’ve plumped for the most comfortable seat height of 45cm, and depth of 32cm. If you’re ordering it to match with your table, but want it to slide seamlessly away underneath (between the legs) go for 30cm shorter than the table length. When it’s not in use, having it live under the table will save you space, without compromising on aesthetics.

Brenin Bench

A bench shouldn’t be sturdiness instead of style, we insist you have both. Our Brenin bench has been designed to work visually and structurally at any length. 45cm seat height provides optimum comfort. If you’re buying it to accompany a Brenin dining table, order the bench 40cm shorter than the dining and it will then completely recess between the table legs when it’s not in use. And why not mix it up? Choose a different colour bench top from your table- our whole lino range complements each other beautifully so get creative and make your space your own.