COVID-19 Update

September 29th update:

Our new lead time & Christmas delivery.

In this strange and unpredictable year, we’ve experienced a lot of disruption to our business. As a result of this, we’ve seen some delays to our customers orders – many of which we could not anticipate, or expect. 

In response, we’ve decided to make a couple of changes. As of today (29th September), we are increasing our turnaround time to 9-10 weeks for all orders. 

We have also decided to bring our Christmas cut off forward to October 11th. 

Our focus right now is on the customers that have ordered from us and are still awaiting delivery. We’ve been missing our expected delivery dates recently, and this is not good enough. Here at Grain, we want to take responsibility for the challenges we face, and put the satisfaction of our customers before anything else. 

By extending the lead time, we’ll have more time to focus on our existing customers. Upping our turnaround time also allows us to give each product the time and care it deserves, something we will never change, no matter what.

If you’re waiting on an order at the moment, you will already have spoken to our awesome customer support manager, Izzy. She’ll be keeping you in the loop throughout your order process, and is always on hand to answer any questions. 

Thank you so much for your continued support, patience, and faith in us. We are incredibly grateful. Rest assured the team is working very hard behind the scenes to continue to make Grain the best it can be – especially whilst in unprecedented times. 

Tom, Co-Founder

One thought on “COVID-19 Update

  1. Daniel says:

    Hi Tom, and the team.

    Thats good to know – stay safe!

    Looking forward to the desk.

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