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The Roots Partnership

The Roots Partnership
By Tom Allen 11 months ago 1126 Views

We don’t have showrooms, we only sell online. Whilst that sounds like a negative when it comes to furniture, we saw it as an opportunity and as a result The Root Partnership was born.

So what does it mean?... It’s simple. A showroom will never be able to replicate the real world, no matter how many room layouts or ‘lifetime’ testing machines there are. They will never replicate the real life spillages, knocks and general wear and tear of everyday life. The Root Partnership puts our product slap bang where they should be in places where our furniture gets used and abused.

To date we’ve supplied some incredible cafes, bakeries and even breweries with some of our furniture, so you can go down and try them out properly - no salesman, no bravado, just amazing businesses using our products everyday.

The partnership comes from a shared goal. Our Roots get furniture that fits their space both in size and style, made by hand and built to last, at a healthy discount. We get our products out in the wild for you to go and see first hand and promote some amazing businesses in the process.

All you have to do is type your postcode into the Roots Map and you’ll be shown where your nearest Root is.

This is Bread by Bike our first Root Partner. We met sourdough enthusiast Andy Strang in Finsbury Park’s Blighty Cafe. We were just starting out and Andy was bang in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign to take his brilliant Bread By Bike bakery business out of the kitchen, into the world, and onto the road.

Now Andy’s bakery has been open since May 2017 and still produces the best cinnamon buns in the land with our tables adorning his shop since day one.

This is Bread and Bean. Bona and Jose wanted to make the most of the back room in their amazing cafe to make it feel more inviting and spacious (a perfect problem for us to solve). After a chat over a Shakshuka (honestly well worth a trip just for that) we settled on the Wykeham in Edge Grain Ply with matching benches. Now they can sit more customers without anyone feeling claustrophobic, ensuring they can enjoy the delicious food and coffee in comfort.

That’s just two of our Root Partners, we’re adding more all the time so if you fancy visiting one, pop in your postcode or if you fancy becoming one, drop us an email - we’d love to work with you.