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The Woburn Desk

The Woburn Desk
By Robin Tyler 11 months ago 1333 Views

Working from home… the new normal? Certainly on the increase, along with careers based around freelancing.

Actually getting work done at home requires significant motivation, (we should know, we started out working from our kitchens!) So what motivates you? Well, having the perfect workstation is a great start. Something you enjoy sitting down at and using will provide a good nudge to get going.

So we wanted to create the perfect desk for all you homeworkers out there.

We asked lots of our Seeds (our early customers helping us develop and test the products) what they wanted from a desk, and watched what they did with them.

...umm... work on them?! Sure. But more specifically they are using laptops, tablets, desktops and phones. So we had to make it work with the 21st century, and sort out all the cables. The slot in the Woburn is unique. Not only does it organise your cables, but it provides you with a built in stand for your phone, tablet or notebook. It’s also modular - we will soon have a range of designs for shelve and attachments that you can add to your desk to cater for your needs.

What about storage? People need some, yes, but no integrated filing cabinets… everything is getting smaller and more digital, and besides, good furniture imbues a feeling, so a workstation that feels efficient should never be cluttered, it should feel...well… efficient. So we settled on a sleek storage shelf.

And for the general design, we followed our principles that we apply across our range; keep it light, show maximum floor space, and this will keep the room looking airy and spacious.

And there you have it, our take on desk perfection. Oh, and it can be EXACTLY the size you want, because we know that you are likely putting that desk in a specific nook or corner of a room.

We hope you enjoy the fruits of our research :)

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