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Who on earth are Tom & Robin?

By Robin Tyler 8 months ago 830 Views

There’s just the two of us right now, Robin Tyler and Tom Allen, co-founders and full-time workers at Grain. We’re friends who have given up our careers to start anew, solve a problem, and make real products that people will love.

Our Woods

By Robin Tyler 8 months ago 659 Views

Everything you need to know (and more) about choosing the wood for your furniture.

New Home

By Tom Allen 8 months ago 4816 Views

Just after our launch back in February we had some bad news, our beloved workspace, Machines Room, was closing- and with it our ability to make furniture. Along with some additional challenges we were also facing, it was a tough time to say the least. Hurdles like this are not uncommon when starting a business, so we rolled our sleeves up and set about turning a negative into a positive.

Made In UK

By Tom Allen 11 months ago 6278 Views

Starting this business together back in 2016, Robin and myself investigated quite a few approaches before settling on how we would do things at Grain, but one thing that was never changed (or questioned), was the decision to make all of our furniture ourselves, by hand, right here in the UK.

The Size Guide

By Tom Allen 11 months ago 4726 Views

Welcome to our handy size guide. In here we've shown you a few examples to help make that perfectly sized decision a little bit easier.

Space Conscious Furniture

By Tom Allen 11 months ago 2959 Views

When it comes to furniture, the smallest measurement can transform a space. That’s why we make space conscious furniture.

The Roots Partnership

By Tom Allen 1 years ago 1186 Views

We don’t have showrooms, we only sell online. Whilst that sounds like a negative when it comes to furniture, we saw it as an opportunity and as a result The Root Partnership was born.

Seed Subscribers

By Tom Allen 1 years ago 950 Views

All of our product development has been done in the real world with our Seeds. Seed Subscribers are the reason we’re in this position today, their support, critique and feedback has helped shape our design range.

The Woburn Desk

By Robin Tyler 1 years ago 1392 Views

Working from home… the new normal? Certainly on the increase, along with careers based around freelancing.

Edge Grain Ply

By Tom Allen 1 years ago 2442 Views

Have you heard of it before?... No?... We’re not surprised, it’s not a common wood type, for some very good reasons. It’s hard to make, It’s time consuming and to get the best results, you need to do it by hand.