Responsible Furniture

Circularity at Grain

At Grain, circular design forms a key component of our responsible approach, but what does this actually mean?

Put simply, circularity is a new way of operating that transforms our throwaway economy.

The aim is to promote and facilitate the use and maintenance of the products we buy in order to prolong their lifecycle. Within this closed loop system, ‘waste’ is re-engaged to create new products and resources.

The outcome? Waste is eliminated, resources are circulated and nature is regenerated.

How does circularity work at Grain?

To develop products that can be cherished for lifetimes, we have established a network of back-up systems to keep our furniture in use and out of landfill, indefinitely. 

This structure consists of 5 ‘loops’. If one fails, the next loop steps in to return the product into its usable condition. 

We aren’t 100% there yet, but we’re on a mission to show that circularity is the way forward for the furniture industry. By laying out our steps for the future, we ask you to hold us accountable in our efforts to achieve a better way of doing business.

Let’s talk loops…

Loop 1: Use and maintain

Our products can be used for a really long time with easy at-home upkeep. We make our products with quality materials and manufacturers so they last, and we make them easy to disassemble so you won’t have to leave them behind. By providing ongoing customer support, we can help customers look after their furniture for years to come.

Loop 2: Repair

All our products can be fully disassembled, making it simple to repair individual components. This saves an entire product from being thrown ‘away’ by repairing the damaged elements. We offer in-house repairs but also encourage fixing smaller problems at home, with the help of our repair guides and kits. 

Loop 3: Replace

Any bits that can’t be repaired can be replaced. We are currently developing a replacement part service, so stay tuned for more information coming soon.

Loop 4: Redistribute

Similarly to the ‘replace loop’, this is another aspect we’re working on. In the not so distant future, we hope to offer a buyback marketplace where we can resell repaired products. 

Loop 5: Recycle/bio-loop

By using recyclable and bio-loop compatible materials, if all previous loops fail, we are left with a product that we can feed our supply chain to create products and avoid waste. 

There are many points within a product’s life-cycle where waste can be created. We recognise our responsibility to monitor and learn each time this happens, allowing us to better understand the ways we can reduce our impact.

What does this mean for people and the planet?

For you, our customer, this means owning furniture for life. Take it apart, move home, store it and rebuild it as many times as you like.

By reducing the cycle of buy and replace culture, the planet will also benefit. Waste is reduced, less products end up in landfills and materials can be easily reused, returning valuable nutrients back into the ecosystem.